Our Story


"Let them be little. Because they’re only that way for a while.
Give them hope. Give them praise. Give them love every day.
Let them cry. Let them giggle. 
Let them sleep in the middle. 
Oh, but let them be little."

Well Dressed Littles was launched in 2017 when I discovered a need to create a one stop shop to find the best, most trendy, yet affordable items for Littles of all ages! We started with our website and then in 2018 opened our little retail space inside Define the Home on the Washington Square! 

When curating our collection I'm extremely intentional about the products we offer and the quality of each piece. I promise that we will always provide products that are trendy, a little boho and a lot adorable! 

Need a perfectly curated baby gift? What about outfits for family pictures? Don't be shy -- I'm always here to help! You can email me anytime at info@welldressedlittles.com and I will be more than happy to assist you! 

I truly adore curating items for you and your Littles & I hope you love your shopping experience with us!  


Haley Kolowski 

Founder of Well Dressed Littles 


 Photo: Kylie Law Photography